Interiors That Look
As Good As They Sound.

Design inspiring, creative spaces where people can live and work more comfortably.


Enhance indoor well-being

Enhance indoor well-being


Made with natural materials

Made with natural materials


Get total design freedom

Get total design freedom

The way we work has changed dramatically

Modern offices have become quite stressful. There's often too much noise and not enough light, fresh air or room to move around.

People need places where they can feel comfortable and focus without having to worry about their surroundings.

Multi-purpose space for flexible designs

The future of acoustic design is here

Today, it’s all about healthy, nature inspired buildings. Flexible, multipurpose zones with shared spaces, and inspiring, feel-good interiors where people can think, relax and enjoy life more.

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Unleash your creativity

Our beautiful range of acoustic solutions bring the wow factor to today's shareable, multipurpose interiors, with specially curated colours of well-being, organic materials and textures to help realise your vision – or elevate it!

Interior space with enhanced wellbeing
Multi-purpose space for flexible designs

Design for well-being

Bring creativity to workspaces, comfort to restaurant interiors, healing to hospitals, and happiness to every design.

Rockfon acoustic solutions don't just have the highest sound absorption; they also create calm, inspiring and uplifting spaces.

Choose quality and reliability

Have the peace of mind knowing Rockfon is the industry leader, renowned for producing high quality acoustic solutions for over six decades.

All of our products are certified for building standards. They’re beautiful, they work and they last.

Sustainable acoustic ceiling solution in monolithic design

Start your design from a sound place

Use them as standalone elements or combine to create the perfect interior.

Ceiling solution Rockfon Hub

Rockfon Hub

Ceiling islands provide a simple way to create acoustic zones in open-plan spaces.

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Wooden wall Rockfon Lamella

Rockfon Lamella

Modular wooden wall panels with 650,000 design combinations to bring any vision to life.

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Frameless baffle

Rockfon Contour

Transform your interior space by uniting form and function with our frameless acoustic baffles.

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Monolithic solution Rockfon Mono Acoustic

Rockfon Mono Acoustic

Ceilings and walls in a seamless monolithic design with complete design freedom.

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Organic wall panel Rockfon Senses

Rockfon Senses

Organic surface wall panels with high sound absorption bring nature indoors.

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Customisable island Rockfon Eclipse Customised

Rockfon Eclipse Customised

Acoustic islands in any shape or colour customised to fit walls or ceilings.

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Canva solutions Rockfon Canva wall panel

Rockfon Canva Wall Panel

Personalise the wall panel to suit any space.

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Canva solutions Rockfon Canva Floor screen

Rockfon Canva Floor Screen

Perfect for creating privacy in the open plan.

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Canva solutions Rockfon Canva Hanging divider

Rockfon Canva Hanging Divider

An elegant solution to create room-in-room spaces.

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